A day with spinners... and some knitting

It's been a while already, but with birthdays, lots of work and some nice and extremely bad weather to boot (which meant we were either outside walking or inside cleaning up), it's taken a bit longer than usual to get to posting.. But I still wanted to write a wee blog about the Spinning Day. In a few words: it was soooo cool! It was almost like coming out, so hilariously thrilling and exciting, scary and fun all at the same time.
I had already been broken into spinning meetings a bit with our new spinning group, which meets up every month, but to be honest, 10 spinners or 200; there is a bit of a difference...
So when we walked into the room with all those chairs, I first wondered how on earth they would all be filled...

But they were (well, nearly)! Over 200 spinners from all over the country had converged on Mennorode. Some for the entire weekend, some (like me) for just the one day. And nearly all of them had a companion.
Photo courtesy of Passepartout
Look at all of them go! We even had a five minute 'spinning song' where you could just hear the wind pass through all the wheels and the corresponding squeeks and noises. Super fun!
There was a fashion show (see, there's me to the left in the pink spaghetti top - it was HOT):
Photo courtesy of Alpaca_Brown
I wore my own home-spun, home-dyed and home-knit creation, but didn't enter the fashion show. And thinking about it, have I blogged this???
This is Astilbe, a lovely, purple short-sleeved top I knit up during the Summer! 
There was spinning outside:
Photo courtesy of Spintessa

And there were shops. With lots of goodies. I was very good and only bought 300 grams of spinning yarn. Picture still to follow, same with the picture of the spinning yarn I got yesterday from Wereldwol. She's giving up her spinning adventures and had lots of wool and roving for me. Hooray! Thank yououou!!!!
I do have my eyes on a new spinning wheel though... The spinning wheel with the pink wheel above is my current fave, the Schacht Ladybug. I'll be saving up and am currently in contact with a 'dealer' who has one available for me. Hopefully I will be able to welcome her into our home in the coming months...

And besides the spinning there was knitting too. I finished my Alwar

To say it's pink would be an understatement ;)

It's VERY pink. And I love it. No modifications necessary. I knit the Small version, as my gauge was slightly on the big side. Yum yum, a super cardi to wear over long-sleeve tops in winter and over short-sleeve or spaghetti tops when it's warmer. Wearing it right now. Love <3
Other than pink, I've been knitting mittens. The first idiot mittens for Batman have rolled off the needles.

Mittens for me and Mermaid are still on the needles and I bought extra teddy-like yarn for a matching hat and scarf for Batman. Enough to keep me busy!!!


Marbada said…
Mooi vest hoor!! De rest is natuurlijk ook mooi maar deze springt er voor mij uit.

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