Monday, October 3, 2011

Mermaid's new coat...

Remember when I cut up my old winter coat and wanted to turn it into a new winter coat for Mermaid? And it wouldn't work? A solution has been found!
With some help from my wallet, a helpful blogless Judith from SnB and lots of stalls at the Stoffenspektakel, I finally collected all the necessary fabric and notions to sew up one kick-ass winter coat for Mermaid.
I had been given specific instructions about this coat. It was supposed to be red and have a fake-fur collar. So I came home with grey/pink fabrics and shiny dark pink buttons. Of course. Mermaid was elated however, and said that I had actually bought fabric which was way cooler than she could have imagined. Now the only thing left for me is to make it. I still have the minor thing of my own dress to sort out and then I hope I can get started next week. Should be fun!


Ladyknit said...

Make it work!

hannah said...

Dit komt zo te zien helemaal goed, mooie stofjes hoor.