Sometimes when you make something, you can't wait to give it. This was one of those situations.
A while ago, I won some yarn spun by Annita, with a pattern for her Suusje mouse. I had knit this pattern before, so my hands were just itching to get started! The cuddly toy was knit up quickly and last week I gave it some eyes and put in the stuffing, to bring it to life.
Suus, or Foppe, was then wrapped in Sinterklaas paper....
And put into the bag with presents... Big Sister Famke got to unwrap it. See it on the floor next to Batman? It's the yellow oblong one...
Now we all just have to wait (a looooong time) before her wee brother decides to make his entrance into the world...
And guess who we ran into yesterday? We actually got to say thankyou for delivering our presents in person!


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