After a day like yesterday, I was again convinced of how untalented the talents on shows like Holland/Britain/insert country Got Talent are. Because these are the real talents of this world. This is hard earned, crafted, refined talent, not just talent that entertains the masses.

 Talent which makes you think differently about how fabric can create form with folds and absence. That makes you wonder how it all fits together...

Talent that renders you speechless because of its simplicity and elegance.
Talent that uses pattern in ways that just blow your mind.

And talent that wants you to get your machine out to make one of these. But where on earth can you buy zippers that long???

After only an hour in the company of the great creations by Azzedine Alaia (and of Iris Herpens, whose work is also remarkable!), I've learnt more about talent than from watching two weeks of mindless television*... Everyone who needs a bit of talent, go see!

*Although the guy that could sing the song from De Fabeltjeskrant backwards was really amazing!


MoniqueB. said…
Oh, ook nog lekker dichtbij! Echt heel mooi. Inderdaad; waar koop je zó'n lange rits?!

Oefenen op Mermaid met een kortere rits... Misschien zit het niet zo lekker... (strategisch plaatsen)...
Anonymous said…
Helemaal gelijk! Wat is dit allemaal prachtig!
Brigiet said…
Lange rits? Bij een tentfournituren zaak, krijg je het markante tent op camping rits geluid er gratis bij.
Maar ook sommige stoffenzaken verkopen rits aan de meter, voor een wat soepeler exemplaar.

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