Friday, May 11, 2012


Do you remember that media silence, the months of very little activity here on the blog, because I was working 'on something big'? Well, the boycot has been lifted by the arrival of a little boy: Bram.

I think you can see that I'm actually rather proud of this wee fella. My sis did very well! A superspeedy delivery of a supercute boy.

As is quite normal here, we as relatives make up new-born boxes, with gifts for mother and baby for the first ten days. I wanted to include a few home knits, so the hunt for cool things to make was on. I wanted to make a toy, an outfit and a blanket. The first two were fairly straight-forward, but the last one required a bit more thoughtwork, and time.
It all started with a post in our my Ravelry-threads early February, where someone mentioned she had started 'this blanket with Escheresque fish'. I was immediately intrigued, and without even looking at what it would entail, bought the pattern.
Boy, was I in for some hard work! I made lots and lots of these...

In dark blue, lighter sea blue and off-white, and then sewed them together, first into hexagons...

Then adding some more...

And even more... until I had run out of white and it was 'baby blanket size'.

Then it was time to start trimming it down into a rectangle. And here it got messy. Because instead of reading the instructions properly, I just did my own thing.
It involved sewing...

And cutting...

And then it was time to knit and attach a very, very, very long border... Most if it during a stay on the campsite very close to my sister last week, as we were expecting, and sort of hoping, she would deliver during the May break. Luckily for her, she didn't, because this wee baby was finished the day before the little man was due, and 3 days before he decided to come into the world.

This was his present for day 2, which was yesterday (Day 1 was a Oxfam/Novib gift of 10 chickens to a farmer in Africa). Hopefully tomorrow, when we're going over again for lots of cuddles, I'll make a picture, to see if the two fit together and if Bram thinks the blanket is snuggly enough.
It was a BIG project, and I hope Bram will feel the love that went into it. It really is such an honour to make lovely gifts for the people you love!

News flash, just in!

Project details: 
Pattern: Tiling Fish by Jana (janukke)
Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk by Garnstudio, in off-white, sea blue and dark blue. I used half of the required amount given for a baby blanket.
Needles: 2.5 mm (yes, I am crazy).
Adjustments: none to the fish. The border was knit over 41 stitches. Make sure if you knit it and don't want to cut away fish (like I did), to sew up two opposite sides to make a tube, sew and cut, and then sew the other two opposite sides together and repeat.


MoniqueB. said...

This must be the absolute most amazing piece of knitting I've ever seen. That is one lucky nephew.

petra said...

Gefeliciteerd met je kleine neefje. Wat een schatje...En dan die deken echt fantastisch mooi gemaakt. Wat een karwei!!! Daar zullen ze vast erg blij mee zijn...NOFLIKE snein.

Anonymous said...

Wat een schatje. Gefeliciteerd!

En wat een kunstige deken, lijkt me een priegelwerkje hoor.