Tour de Fleece - Stage 1

A great, but very tiring day! It started with a car journey, listening to our astronaut André Kuipers touch down safely after more than 6 months in space, and the rest of the day was spent behind or in front of the stand of the National Spinning Group. We welcomed 12 new members, which was great! The weather was amazing, and I did a bit of spinning too.

Of course, I couldn't just sit and spin and chat to people. I had to buy some stuff too... I bought a bag full of lovely dyed Texelaar from Iboy Udema, and some firestar from Wol met verve. Otherwise, I managed to contain myself ;) I almost rán past the fleeces, haha...

Orvelte is a lovely town, a real 'living museum', where the past comes back to life. We would definitely love to see this type of wool fest again next year. We'll be there again!

And yes, I did wear my crocs today... ;) The ground was just too uneven for the lovely high heals you see top left. And the nails got quite a few comments! It's fun to paint your nails in funny colours for events like this, because people are really looking at your hands when you're spinning (gosh, I wonder why...), and at your feet as well, of course... So, I was glad they were still a lovely shade of sparkly green when it was getting hot in my crocs.

I was spinning Dympna, from Dutch Wool Diva, which will hopefully be spun up tomorrow!


MoniqueB. said…
Oh wat leuk! Toch een zomerse indruk, met al die kleuren, zonneschijn en vrolijke mensen. En niet alleen André had een zachte landing; jij ook zo te lezen.
Lekker spinnen!

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