Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tour de Fleece - stage 3

A day with lots of falls in the Tour de France, but with a bike returned here (yeah! I can cycle again!). In the morning, I quickly skeined up the yarn I'd finished plying yesterday... So, not one, but two collages!

This will be combined with some purple alpaca and knitted up into a baby toy. This week or weekend, preferably...
And after doing lots of work, cooking, doing the Judo run (well, drive) and finishing another chapter from my course, it was spinning time. After some debating, I started on the Gotland I had carded/combed a while ago. I'm on my fourth mini-batt now, and have enough to fill up at least two bobbins, so I can make a nice plied skein out of that. And then card some more, as I have over a kilo of the stuff... I saw a cool technique to core-spin locks of Gotland, which I might do as well. I want to dye them in a few funky colours first though... That's a nice activity for the 'rest day', next Tuesday!

This Tour de Fleece is quite a good way of making a nice dent in that huge stash of fiber in da house...

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