Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tour de Fleece, stages 10-15

Oooooh, it's been soooo busy here! We've been working like mad to get all our work done before we go away on holiday. Add a trip to Ikea with corresponding furniture to put together, and you have total mayhem when it comes to blogging... Luckily, I have been making my collages every day, so here's a low-down of the spinning of the last few days!

July 10

On the first rest day, I decided to do some dyeing. Especially the teal came out beautifully! I have some more curls and some more teal dye, so this experiment will probably be repeated. The drying took forever, but this bag full of soft, colourful curls is now in a basket next to the spinning wheel.

July 11

Spinning the ouessant I had carded, was not really great. I was spinning too thin and it should have been carded again, as there was still quite a lot of 'fluff' in the fleece. But, after n-plying, it came out okay, and a wash will probably do miracles. I have a bag full of this left, so there will definitely be enough to make some cool cushions out of it.

July 12

The first day of the Fries Melkschaap... I decided to spin up the entire basket of different colours I had carded before, and started on the white. What a dream! A little bit of fluff - I think I might start saving up for proper hand combs - but this is lovely stuff!

July 13

More spinning and all the white plied. 217 grams in two days, nay bad... ;)

July 14

And some more Melkschaap, dark brown/black this time. Another three skeins (smaller), and 133 grams in total. Definitely not as soft as the white.

July 15

Yeah, the bottom of the basket! The grey Texelaar is so beautiful in its variety of colours! and a small skein of lighter brown Fries Melkschaap done. These skeins are still lying there looking pretty, but will get a wash soon.

July 16

Another day of rest, and I didn't even come close to do any crafting. Apart from putting away knitting, spinning and sewing magazine in a new Expedit ;)

More spinning on Wednesday: challenge day! I have bought silk hankies, so pictures of those tomorrow!

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