Friday, July 27, 2012

We made it to Paris, off to London now!

Just in time for the Olympics to start, a blog about the final stage of the Tour de Fleece.
I had a blast, it was a great stress reliever to get some spinning done in the evening after a hard and long day's work. So, without ado, my newly acquired knitting stash:

I spun lots of naturals this year, which was great fun. It has resulted in enough yarn to knit a small Celtic or Shetland patterned blanket. Still thinking about how and what. The other skeins are now just lying in my yarn basket, being pretty.
The silk is 3/4 done. And it will remain that way for a few weeks. I've spent this afternoon (what was left of it after finishing my final project and the VAT returns) to pick projects for the Ravellenic Games aka Raveoly aka Spoldemort aka The Olympic Games. USOC, we have forgiven you (we knitters never hold a grudge for long), you apologized, but we will continue to enjoy making comments at how silly you guys behave. In a way that won't result in a Cease and Desist, again, that is.
No way am I ever going to knit all this in two weeks, but one can try. It would truly be an Olympic Feat. And don't worry, I won't want a medal. Just a chocolate bar will do (Tony Chocolonely prefereably).

The first project is Live, designed by Marleen van der Vorst. I'm knitting it with lace handdyed by Marleen herself, and ading beads. I've no idea if this will work, but I think it will.

The second project is also a shawl, Sherilyn, designed by Ysolda Teague. One can never have enough shawls. I think I have around 13 now. And yes, I have two already in this-ish colour. But it's nice to have a choice. Knit in Araucania Botany Lace. Dream stuff. Just don't put it in the washing machine (one of the reasons why I'm not knitting socks with this yarn brand again, snif...). Bought at Wereldwol.

And last but not least, a bag. One can never have enough bags. Pattern by Bernat, cotton by Wibra. 

So, needles at the ready, knit-off is at 10 tonight!

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Meilindis said...

Busy summer, right? ;-)
Your handspun looks amazing!